Ribbon Blender/Paddle Blender

Ribbon Blender Machines are used for proper mixing of different kinds of products. It is basically ‘U’ Shell with plates bolted to end flanges. Ribbon screw with pipe and end shaft, there will be 2 ribbon rotating in the shell, number 1 from outside & number 2 from inside. The product will be pushed to the centre by outside ribbon and to the both ends by inner ribbon which helps homogeneous mixing of the product.

We also provide paddle blenders as per the requirement of the product.  

Material Used: SS304/SS316

Power: 0.75kw to 20kw

Finish: Sanitary Finish 180 grit


Material of any form can be mixed (solid, liquid, powder)

Corrosion resistance

Low maintenance

Rigid Construction

High Performance

Long life

100ltr to 3000ltr

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Bipin Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
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Ribbon Blender